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lowlogogIf you ever attend a premiere of a new musical, take your eyes off the stage for just a moment and watch the face of the composer or playwright.

You'll understand the term "pride and joy" like nothing else you've ever seen. 

We all know about the magic of musical theater, but there's an extra layer of fairy dust on a new musical. And it's especially evident on the face on the writer.

Now you can help with the birth of three new musicals... right along with their writers and the Midwest New Musicals 2013 Mini-Musicals Project on July 21.

mnm logoWe're trying to raise at least $2,000 through Indiegogo, to pay for the professional actors, musicians and staging of this exciting event, which is the culmination of Midwest New Musicals Core Curriculum.

And we must reach our goal by July 13! Your gift is tax-deductible and every amount helps -- large and small. So click here and donate today.

Thank you!

John Sparks Artistic Director and Founder

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