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Hello all,
On Monday, June 11 there is a Musical Contest being held at Gorilla Tango (1919 N. Milwaukee) where a number of new musicals will present 8 minutes of their piece and receive votes to help them move on to Round 2 and closer to a development deal with the theatre.  A piece that I have been working on is in the running.  It would be so amazing if you could come and vote to help move us onward.
Hope you are able to come.
Round 1:  5 "Shows" have 6 to 8 minutes to perform selections from their musical. Based on audience vote, some teams will move forward and some will not move at all. Try to push for 8 minutes as we've removed 2 teams. 1 team will be eliminated a la American Idol.
·       TIME: Round 1 will take place on Monday, June 11 at 9pm.
·        LOCATION: Gorilla Tango 1919 N. Milwaukee (Armitage and Western) PHONE 773-598-4549
·         ADMISSION: $12
Please let me know if you have any questions about the event.  There are three elimination rounds and the winner will go onto a development deal and $1,000 prize money.  Which means paying people!!!!