Having Our Song - A Late Night Cabaret PDF Print E-mail

248530-250presented by Larry Todd Johnson and Hillary Rollins
Featuring original material written by writers from the Dramatists Guild's "Having our Say" National Playwright's Conference 2013.
The Joliet Room - HILTON CHICAGO - 720 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago IL 60605
Saturday August 24th at 10:30pm

Musical directors include Ned Ginsburg and James Morehead

Performers include Jennifer Grubb, Harmony France, Christin Boulette Dorton, Ashlee Hardgrave, Hillary D. Rollins, George Keating, James Earl Jones II, Jason Collins, John Gurdian, and Larry Todd Johnson.

Composers/Lyricists for the event include Timothy Huang, Greg Edwards & Ron Barnett, Cris Wo & J Linn Allen, Chana Wise & Joseph Blodgett, Greg Edwards & Zak Sandler, Norman Mathews, Randi Michaels, Danny Abosch, Adam Levowitz & Paul Eiseman, Tidaya Sinutoke & Thirza Defoe, Rachel Peters, Sherry Landrum & George Clinton, Matt Deitchman & Jed Feder, Russell Coutinho, Cindy O'Connor & Larry Todd Johnson, Mike O'Mara, Kevin Robison, Jeff Bouthette, Hillary D. Rollins & Bill Johnson, Howard Pearl, Ned Ginsburg & David Finkle, Robert John Ford & Adam Sakiyama.